For iPhone / iPod touch
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MetaClock, A simple designed clock for iPhone/iPad touch that tells you not just your time, but also your day's schedule.
iPhone/ipod touch App: MetaClock

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Clock (Normal)

This clock app can be distinguished from other clock apps. The simple looking markers on the clock surface changes depending on the time and number of your events.

The first five events of the day are expressed in thicker markers. (The color for the markers can be chosen in Setting Screen.) The later events are in white. The circle in the middle shows the event that takes up the whole day. Check your day's events stylishly.

You can choose not to display your markers and show simply just the clock. You can also choose to show or not show the date and day on the clock.

Clock (Normal) Mode Screen

Display Events

Swipe the clock (in Normal Mode) upward for Display Events Mode. In this mode, the day's events are listed below the clock.

The events can be added or deleted. Also, the events can be synchronized with iPhone's standard calendar app for more efficient use.

The events can be browsed, changed and deleted even if your iPhone is synchronized with Google Calendar.

Swipe the clock downward to return to Clock (Normal) Mode.

Display Events Mode Screen


Swipe the clock (in Normal Mode) downward for Countdown Mode. In this mode, the remaining time left until an event is displayed.

You can easily tell how much time you have left until each event.

Swipe the clock upward to return to Clock (Normal) Mode.

Countdown Mode Screen